14th - 17th August 2014
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SMS Live allows you to find out the answer to that burning Targa Question. Simply SMS us your question, first name and location and we'll respond via SMS as well as display all of the questions and answers below. SMS as many Questions as you want over the event and we'll respond as soon as we can.

Sunday 23 August - Leg Three


Hi can i have the final places for car numbers 67,22,and david bartlett please .


Competition Classic preliminary results.  Car - 22 (Bartlett) - 4th, Car 67 (Welch) - 9th




What are the latest results? Thanks Daymon


After SS28
Comp Modern - Jones (Car 73) by 30secs on Quinn (Car 90)
Comp Classic - Weeks (Car 70)
Chall Modern - Conacher (Car 2c)
Chall Classic - Green (Car 7c)




What happened to car no#70? Not on results


Car 70 is still in the lead after SS25, just waiting on times for SS26.




Why has car 13c fallen off the cumulative results? (Ally, Melbourne)


We're waiting on an earlier stage time, when we have this, the cumulative times will come back inline.




What has happened to car 28? Jon


Car 28 left the road on SS22 and has withdrawn from the event.




Do you know what has happened to car 83? Not on results  Glen


Car 83 had problems with their differential in SS22 and has withdrawn.




What happened to herridge on ss25? (Jude dianella hts)


Dean posted the fourth fastest time on SS25 and is currently running 3rd in Competition Modern classification.




Did you guy's know it's Dean Herridge's birthday today? (Wally)


Yes and we've made sure all the officials wish him a good one.



Any news on car 91?


Car 91 is in 7th Position after SS22, 3min 30seconds behind the leader.




Do you know what happened to car 83 on SS23? (Glen)


SS23 is still in progress and not all times have been received yet.




PIctures of a couple of crashes i took from cassa flikr targa 09 day 1.  Cassie


Thanks Cassie, we'll post a link on our website in the 2009 Spectator Library




Do u no wot has happend 2 car 29 on western range (Jana)

We're not sure why Car 29 has a slow time on SS22. They have now completed SS23.

Saturday 22 August - Leg Two

17:55Are they racing the last two stages? (Marc, Perth)
The last two stages have been completed.  Results will be available soon on the website.
17:35Whereabouts on chittering road does it begin tomorrow And at wat time? Thank you.
All spectator and road closure information is available on www.targawest.com.au.  Road closures can be found in the residents section.


 Any news on car 87? (Paul)


 Car 87 has withdrawn for the day they left the road on SS14, it was not mechanical as previously thought. Crew ok.




No results for awhile what is happening is the weather really bad in Perth? (Jim)


The weather has been wet all day.  There are a few technical issues with getting results back to Rally HQ, we're working on it as best we can.




Was just wondering what was actually happening at Burswood in the evening is there a driving event there or just presentation ceremony.

The presentation ceremony will commence from approximately 15:45 Sunday 23 August at Burswood as the cars return.  There are no driving events at Burswood.

16:15Why is car no 35 not on cumulative results after ss15 (Glenn. WA)

We're experiencing some technical problems which are effecting the cumulative results on the website.  We're working to get it all up to date.

15:50Why are there no result for SS16? (Marc, Perth)

SS16 was cancelled due to delays in the running of the Rally caused by weather conditions.

15:15What has happened to car 87, in stage 15, no time on the website. (Paul, Hocking)

Car 87 in SS15 has stopped on stage, we believe with mechanical problems.


Have been watching the times on your web site, what has happend to Steve Jones? (Sam - Tapping, Hobart)


No problems with Steve Jones, we're working through some technical difficulties with results from SS14.  The website will be updated soon.


Why aren't the Pollards running. I was really looking forward to seeing them again (Maddie)


It's believed that Neil is currently in Europe testing with Toro Roso F1.


Alistair Mcrae is dropping back does he have a problem? (Jim)


Nothing wrong with his car, he's running the wrong tyres for the weather and is therefore finding conditions challenging.




Can you please tell me why car 62 is bottom 3 on cumulative results when the time shows they should be in 14th place?


Car 62 has missed a stage.  Until a derived time has been entered for that car for the stage missed, they will appear at the bottom of the results listing.



Will you put up potos from targa west rally on your website for us to see? (Marc, Perth)


Photos from Leg 1 have been posted under Gallery on the website and there is also a link on the homepage.



 I have some really good photos of the smashing action at Mundaring Weir,  who do i send to. (Carol)


If you can put them on a website somewhere (ie. Flikr) and SMS us the link, we'll be pleased to place a link to your photos on our website.

Friday 21 August - Leg One

 22:21Can you guys let us know about driver and co driver for car 85? (Marc Perth)
 Both are ok
 22:18What place is car #91?
 Car #91 is sitting in 5th in the Modern Competition class.  
 22:15What time is start order for day 2 posted please? Jim
 The start order has been posted on www.targawest.com.au
 22:05What time is Sandplain Road  in Toodyay closed  2moro . Thanx
  It is not affected by the road closure tomorrow however a portion will be closed between 12:03 and 17:15 on Sunday 23rd. Please look at the Road Closure details www.targawest.com.au for more information.  
19:00Can you please tell me who the good looking guy is that drives car 94, is he famous?

Douglas Stevenson is the driver of car 94. 

18:01Can you tell me what are the lightest and heaviest cars in the field? 

The Lotus Elise is the lightest weighing in at 849kgs. The Ford Flacon GT is the heaviest at 1874kgs.

17:24Any info on car #76, retired?

Car #76 stopped just before the flying finish on SS04 with a ruptured fuel line. We have not received a retirement.

15:47Has something happened on SS07?

The stage has been paused after the 40th car to allow officials to move some locals through the stage as planned.

15:36Why has car 2c fallen off the cumulative results?

We apologise there has been a small glitch in the system their result should be up soon.

14:29Has SS05 finished?  Results are not on website?

SS05 has been cancelled with cars diverted to the start of SS06. Car 85 has left the road in SS05. Both driver and co-driver are out of the vehicle and in a stable condition in the hands of medical teams.

13:06Hi where is Paul Summers I can not see his position on the results but I saw him yesterday at the prologue thanks (Paul Fremantle)

Unfortunately Paul Summers (Car 40) had to withdraw from the rally following damange received to his Porsche at the Prologue.

12:26Has SS02 been cleared by all vehicles yet? When can results be expected online?

Yes SS02 has been cleared by all vehicles. Results will be up shortly.

12:21How's car 73 doing?  Dave

Steve Jones was fastest through SS01 and SS03. We are waiting for his SS02 time but it is looking like he will be in the lead.

12:01Any update on Car 62? Couldn't see it on SS01. (ST, Perth)

An update on Car 62. They were stopped on SS03 but have been able to restart and have headed to the Kalamunda service.  

Car 62 finished SS1 with a time of 3:15. They have entered SS2 and we are waiting on a finish time.

11:53Could u let me know how car number 29 is going?

Car 29 is through Zig Zag we are just waiting on a stage time.

11:48How come results take so long to appear on the results site? (Peter)

We are having some technical difficulties with some of the results. They should be all up soon.

11:36Are there spectator points @ the John Forrest stage? (Nicole)

Hi Nicole, there are no points on John Forrest.  The first spectator point is on Zig Zag, followed by Kalamunda. 

 09:30 How can we wish the competitors best of luck? (Marc, Perth)
  Visit a spectator area, service park or catchup with them tonight at Northbridge.  For more details visit the Spectator information on the website.

Thursday 20 August - Prologue

 22:30 Will Targa West rally be on tv? (Marc, Perth)
  Targa West rally will be showing on Channel 7 on Saturday 3 October.
22:00Do you need be an ex racing driver to race in targa west rally? (Marc, Perth)

No you do not need to be an ex-racing driver to contest Quit Targa West. Anyone can get involved in motorsport events check out the CAMS website www.cams.com.au or contact your local car club.

 20:40Where do I get prologue results pls (Jimbo Perth)
 Tomorrows start order, as determined by todays prologue will be posted on the website shortly
 20:30  What station is rally radio? (Daymon)
 Unfortunately we were unable to secure a station for the rally radio for this years event. 96 fm Perth will be broadcasting from the official start tomorrow morning from 5am WST and are our official radio sponsor.
Whats SMS live all about? (Dieter, HQ)

Send us your queries by SMS and we'll answer by SMS as well as display it all on the website.

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