Competitor Information

The information provided in the following pages is intended for competitors, both experienced and non-experienced wishing to compete in Make Smoking History Targa West.


There are three main categories,


  • Full Competition for CAMS compliant vehicles and crews
  • Challenge for showroom style or non roll caged vehicles
  • Targa Tour for people with normal road registered vehicles wishing to enjoy the Thrill of the Open Road on closed stages but without the additional rigours of competing against the clock

We believe there is a place within Targa West for anyone who has a car that, whilst strictly non-compliant, could be considered to embody the ‘spirit’ of the event.  Potential participants may apply to the organisers for inclusion by Invitation, subject of course to the vehicle complying with safety and local registration requirements.


For Make Smoking History Targa West the entry fees are between $1800 for the Targa Tour, $2650 for the Targa 2Day Rallye and $4550 for the full 4 day Targa West. Monthly payment plans may be negotiated upon request. Competitors have the option of ticking the box for other items they wish to include in the rally package. This provides a flexible cost arrangement for competitors.


The Entry Fee includes:


  • CAMS Permit Fee
  • All event decals (stickers)
  • One (1) Service Vehicle Registration
  •  2 x Gala Dinner Tickets
  • Overview Maps
  • Comprehensive Road Books & Rally Guide
  • Finisher Medallions (for all crews who finish the rally)

See the Supplementary Regulations for further details, or enter via our online Entry Form.