For Supplementary Regulations and other relevant documents please refer to the Official Notice Board, Competitor Information or the Event Documentation pages.


Notwithstanding the eligibility requirements below, we believe there is a place within Targa West for anyone who has a car that, whilst strictly non-compliant, could be considered to embody the ‘spirit’ of the event.  Potential participants may apply to the organisers for inclusion by Invitation, subject of course to the vehicle complying with safety and local registration requirements.


The Event is intended for Production Cars, categorised as Classic and Modern Sports Cars, Sedans and Utility Vehicles, being four-wheeled vehicles, capable of legally carrying 2 person’s minimum. Only Closed Cars are eligible for entry.


All competing vehicles shall comply with Schedule A of the CAMS Manual and the CAMS National Rally Code.


COMPETITION, CHALLENGE & TOUR CATEGORY – all vehicles shall comply with ONE of the following:

INVITATIONAL VEHICLES – all vehicles complying with ONE of the following: