Make Smoking History Targa West, like any major event, couldn’t function without the help of volunteer officials and teams.


The event is being run under CAMS, consequently we will require the majority of Officials to be accredited with CAMS. However, if you’re not a CAMS accredited Official don’t let that stop you from volunteering as there are many opportunities to gain your basic accreditation and work within a team of other Officials.


So please register your interest, stating your area of expertise and we’ll advise where you can help…and don’t forget all registered Officials get a Targa West Cap and Shirt as a thank you for helping.


If you are keen to be part of this exciting event then complete the ONLINE OFFICIALS REGISTRATION stating your skills or area of interest or contact the Officials Coordinator by Email: officials@targawest.com.au Alternatively you can download the fillable PDF version of the form here.


IMPORTANT Information for Officials (will be updated regularly)

  • Induction Notes – Officials
  • Spectator Marshals – Safety Notes
  • Road Closure Officials – Safety Notes
  • Road Closure Diagrams
  • Spectator Safety
  • Smoke Free Event Briefing Notes – Make Smoking History Targa West


CAMS Sign On Sheets/Disclaimers/Licence Application

CAMS Policies & Guidelines