Overview Maps and Stage Maps for the Make Smoking History Targa West:


2020 OVERVIEW MAPS **links to follow**

Bendigo Bank Leg 1 – Thursday
Bendigo Bank Leg 1 – Friday
Shannons Leg 2 – Saturday
Go Gear Leg 3 – Sunday
Overview Maps – combined in one file


2020 STAGE MAPSCombined
(scroll down for links to individual stage maps)

2020 STAGE MAPS – Individual

Bendigo Bank Leg 1 – Thursday
Whiteman Park West
Whitman Park East
Wannero Raceway – new for 2020

Bendigo Bank Leg 1 – Friday
Bendigo Bank Kalamunda East
Zig Zag
Bendigo Bank Kalamunda

Shannons Insurance Leg 2
Harvester – new for 2020
Coondle West (Conostylis)
Timberden West – returns for 2020

Coondle West (Darwinia)
Timberden East – returns for 2020
Maryville Downs – changed layout for 2020
Bullsbrook Long
Bullsbrook Short

Go Gear Leg 3
City of Perth Stage