The Event is intended for Production Cars, categorised as Classic and Modern Sports Cars, Sedans and Utility Vehicles, being four-wheeled vehicles capable of legally carrying two people minimum. The acceptance of entries of Low Volume cars as defined by the Motorsport Australia Tarmac Technical Regulations Article 3.5 shall be at the discretion of the organisers. Competitors intending to enter such cars shall apply to the organisers before lodging an entry.

Targa West Regulations

  • Supplementary Regulations – See official noticeboard
  • Sporting Regulations – Targa South West & Targa West

All competing vehicles shall comply with Schedule A of the current Motorsport Australia Manual and the National Rally Code.

COMPETITION, TARGA 165 & TARGA 130 – all vehicles shall comply with ONE of the following technical regulations:

Note: the vehicle in its entirety MUST comply with ONE set of Regulations, NOT a combination of regulations

The Supplementary Regulations can be downloaded from the Official Noticeboard here

If you have any queries regarding modifications you have made or intend to make to your vehicle, please contact