Eagle soars, 80-year-old race winner, & EV wins Targa Cup

The City of Perth today hosted two rally street races, the Engine Shop Targa City Sprint in the morning and The City of Perth Targa Rallysprint, the last round for the coveted Targa Cup, in the afternoon. 

The City of Perth came alive with colour and noise as spectators enjoyed the on track and off-track activities on a beautiful sunny day.
More than 700 vehicles were on display at Langley Park and on Riverside Drive at the City of Perth Celebration of Motorsport, the Shannons Classics on the Swan and the new the Celebration of Street Machines and Hot Rods. There were scenic Helicopter rides, the Viper Wheelie Machine, remote control cars, BMX high flying display, kids go-karts, racing games and food trucks galore. 
The City of Perth Targa Rallysprint
 Sixty-one competitors lined up at the start line on Riverside Drive for the main event, The City of Perth Targa Rallysprint. 
Setting a blistering pace from the start was Ex-West Coast Eagle Troy Wilson who backed up yesterday’s victory in Ellenbrook.
Wilson was fastest overall in his 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10 with first-time co-driver Frank Guildea, and fastest on each of the four runs of the 2.1-kilometre rally stage, but only just.

Troy Wilson, winner of 2022 Make Smoking History Targa West event, the City of Perth Targa Sprint. Credit: Brett Sandells

Trying to catch the soaring eagle and setting an electrifying pace was a 2019 Tesla Model 3P+ with Jurgen Lunsmann behind the wheel. On the second of the four runs, Lunsmann was just three-tenths of a second slower than Wilson.
By then, Wilson had already clocked up a 3-second lead and finished the rallysprint 8 seconds clear of Lunsmann. 
Rounding out the top three was two-time Targa West winner (2021 and 2018) Peter Rullo and co-driver Jimmy Marquet in their 2020 SSC Lotus Exige GT who finished 4 seconds behind Lunsmann. 
It was Wilson’s first time competing in the City of Perth Targa Rallysprint and he was clearly elated.
“I’m happy to finish this tight, technical stage that has kerbing, fencing, bollards and everything,” said Wilson.
“I’ve got a brand new co-driver and new crew chief, and yesterday was the first time behind the wheel for eight months, so I was a little rusty to start with and I started feeling really good right towards the end. 
“I still had the sticking issue with the throttle which gave us a fair bit of trouble in the third run, so I had to adjust my driving, braking earlier to make it safer. We’ll get it fixed ahead of next weekend, I’m really looking forward to Malaga next Sunday.
“I was born with this obsession for cars and bikes and basically, this is my drug, the adrenalin it gives me, you can’t explain it, and my co-driver got to experience that for the first time this weekend as well. 
“To put on an event of this size is a credit to Ross Tapper, Targa West and all the volunteers,” said Wilson.
Jurgen Lunsmann and his wife and co-driver Helen Lunsmann may have finished second outright in the Rallysprint today, but they take the title in the Targa Cup. 
The Targa Cup awards points for each of the rallysprints held from November until this weekend including the Auto One Targa Albany Rallysprint, the GT Fabrication Targa Bunbury Sprint, and the July Rallysprint and the Shannons Rallysprint Series both at Motorplex.
“I’m pretty thrilled. Second in the Targa Cup yesterday and going one better today to be first in Targa Cup is very satisfying,” said Jurgen Lunsmann.
“The car is stock standard and we’ve come to terms with tyre requirements and shock absorber settings, so we are pretty much at one with the car now. 
“Shout out to car owner Jon Edwards and the TOCEVA charging crew for all their help along the way, and congratulations to Ross and the Targa team for their amazing efforts this year.”
Peter Rullo said it was great to see so many spectators.
“There were so many people out and about and a lot of smiling faces in the crowd,” said Rullo. 
“The car was absolutely faultless, it didn’t skip a beat, I’m happy with the result.
“Thanks to all the volunteers as always, and it was good to see drivers and crews help the Targa West team with the pack down, terrific camaraderie,” said Gooseberry Hill resident, Rullo.
The same team camaraderie was evident in a couple of offs that took place with officials rushing to check on competitors.
Car 88, a 1985 Holden VK Commodore skid and spun along Riverside Drive, the back end clipping a tree. Car 17 clipped a kerb and rolled in the Concert Hall car park section, landing upside down. Both crews were okay, they were checked by medics and given the all-clear. 
Event Director Ross Tapper said he couldn’t be happier.
“It was an absolutely amazing, extraordinary weekend with so many spectators, cars, and excitement in the air in the city and in Ellenbrook,” said Tapper.
“We ran behind schedule today and the competitors stayed back and helped us all pack down so we could finish on time – the spirit and camaraderie in rally is like nothing else. I’m very grateful.”
Lunsmann – winner of the 2022 Targa Cup (series). Credit: Grey Ridge Creative
Peter Rullo – finished 3rd place in City of Perth Targa Rallysprint. Credit: Brett Sandells
Engine Shop Targa City Sprint  
The oldest winner in the oldest car in the field won the Engine Shop Targa City Sprint. 
Dick Ward, who turned 80 last week, drove his 1967 Fiat Abarth TCR to victory, fastest overall after four runs along the 2.1-kilometre course that included Riverside Drive, in the heart of the City of Perth.
“I think this is my first outright win – I’ve done all the City Sprint races over the years,” said the owner of Go Gear, a race gear supply shop in Mount Hawthorn.
Ward has owned a race car since 1970 and has raced in sports sedans in Malaysia, Thailand and across Australia. 
“This is the tail end of my racing career and today was a good day, I’m surprised at how well the car went, I’m very happy.”
Less than six-tenths of a second behind was Aaron Williams in his 2002 Mitsubishi Evo 7 to finish in second place.
Rounding out the top three was Noel Moore in his 2017 AMG A45, who was seven-tenths of a second behind Williams.
Make Smoking History Targa West officially kicked off on Friday on World EV Day (Friday 9thSeptember) with an electrifying display of 50 EV vehicles alongside Targa West rally cars, street machines and hot rods in Forrest Place in Perth’s CBD.
Yesterday (Saturday 10th September), Targa West took to the closed roads of Ellenbrook, attracting 6,000 spectators who saw Troy Wilson win. 
Dick Ward, winner of Engine Shop Targa Sprint in his 1967 Fiat Abarth. Credit: CMR Photographic
Make Smoking History Targa West. Credit: CMR Photographic
Next week, Sunday 18th September 2022  
Next week, on Sunday 18th September, the Make Smoking History Targa Malaga Rallysprint has 70 drivers entered who’ll race along the 6-kilometre course. The fast Malaga course has always been a driver and spectator favourite.