Officials Registration

Thank you for offering to assist at the Make Smoking History Targa West.

We have a fantastic new online registration system for Officials and Competitors, the Targa West Online (TWO) system, which will significantly improve co-ordinating and providing our Officials with information.

The old registration form is still available temporarily (click here) but we really encourage you to give the new TWO system a go.

See below for Instruction / Help Videos which will help make your transition to the new TWO system easier.

Note: Please use one of the approved browsers listed below when using the Targa West Online (“TWO“) database. TWO has been designed for desktop use. While it will operate on a mobile device, for the best experience a larger screen, such as desktop or laptop, should be used.Approved Browsers
Please use one of the approved browsers

Desktop browsers Mobile browsers
Safari 13.x minimum Mobile Safari on iOS 13 minimum
Chrome 80 minimum Chrome 80 minimum on Android 7.x minimum
Microsoft Edge 44
New Microsoft Edge 80