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19/09/21 – 4:20pm

And that’s a wrap!!! What a thrilling end to the Make Smoking History Targa West Rally 2021. After 37 stages, 4 days and more than 1000 gruelling kilometres, the rally has officially come to an end. Neck & neck right up until the final minute, our competitors have put on a spectacular show for the people of Perth once again.

Congratulations to all of the competitors and a huge thank you to everyone who has helped make this year’s rally the epic performance that it was.

The podium winners of the 2021 Competition Modern are:

1st – Peter Rullo & James Marquet in car 62 – 2:10:47 +

2nd – Steve Jones & Caleb Ash in car 23 – 2:12:33 +01:46

3rd – David Heaton & Steve Glenney in car 36 – 2:13:02 +02:15

Make sure you head to the website this evening for all the official 2021 results, and we’ll see you next year: https://www.targawest.com.au/



A huge thank you to all of the sponsors of the Make Smoking History Targa West 2021. The rally simply wouldn’t be possible without their continued, generous support.

Thank you!!!


Taking this year’s Competition Classic title with ease! Simon Gunson, alongside co-driver Nigel Jones, proving that age is just a number in their unstoppable 1971 Ford Perana.. Congratulations!

Photo thanks to Tim Allott!


As we enter the final stage of the rally, there’s no change to the top 2 at the end of stage 36 with Stagoll (car 42) and Rullo (car 62) tied in 1st and O’Dowd sneaking into 2nd place with car 27.


Stage 35 has proven to be a wild one with a top 3 upset. 1st for the stage is car 42, the Stagoll/Stagoll team, in equal first with Rullo/Marquet in car 62.  Morse/Ng just 1 second behind in car 87!


Car 71 officially out of the race, withdrawing due to mechanical issues. Rookie team Daryl Henthorn & Scott McLennan pushing their 1995 Subaru Impreza WRX STI RA to the very last minute. We’ll see you back on stage next year!


Some fantastic action at Langley Park, make sure you’re following all of the latest updates on the Targa West Events Facebook page: Targa West Events


Fantastic crowds at Langley Park for the Rally Sprint today! Stage 35 ready to kick off shortly and the heat is on!



Currently in 3rd place overall, David Heaton had never had a top 3 finish in 12 years of competing… until now. In this years Make Smoking History Targa West Rally 2021, Heaton has taken the lead in 4 stages so far, and doesn’t look like he’s slowing down any time soon! Pushing the 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS like never before, will Heaton finally get his podium finish?

Photo credit: image1265


With the final Malaga stage now complete, now is the time for the drivers to give it all they have!

At the end of stage 34, 1st place is held by Heaton in car 36, Rullo nudging car 62 back into 2nd and O’Dowd making his way into 3rd with car 27.

Rullo is still holding 1st overall with Jones and Heaton eager to close the gap in the final stages.


The Competition Classic category couldn’t be closer with Simon Gunson and co-driver Nigel Jones (car 16) keeping a decent lead currently in 1st. Tim Wolfe and co-driver Scott Beckwith (car 37) and the Ellement team of Nathan and Kevin Ellement (car 41) currently battling it out for 2nd place, but the day is still young!


Dylan O’Connor & co-driver Leigh Fowler have withdrawn car 49 from the stage, with the rookies hoping to make a comeback in the final rounds in the City of Perth with their 1998 Hyundai Excel.


With the final Malaga stage underway, car 68 has been withdrawn from competition with vehicle issues. Heuson Bak and co-driver Roger Tan making excellent time prior to their exit, in their 2017 Lotus Exige.


The end of stage 33 shows little change to the pack. Heaton still leading with car 36 in 1st, Jones pushing car 23 into 2nd and Foster with car 99 in 3rd.


Car 19 now out of the competition with mechanical issues. Driver Dean Pike putting in a valiant effort this year alongside co-driver Michael Lloyd, in their 2004 Porsche 911 GT3.


The Targa West Rally has 64 cars entered this year, with cars as old as the classic favourite 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint, as modern as the powerhouse 2020 SSC Lotus and everything in-between! Porsche’s, Subaru’s, Datsun’s, Lancer’s and many more. There’s even a 69 Camaro for the classic admirers!


What a thrilling end to stage 32! In 1st place for the stage we have David Heaton and co-driver Steve Glenney in car 36, 2nd place is currently held by Peter Rullo and co-driver James Marquet in car 62 and 3rd place is the dynamic duo of Jeffrey and Catherine Foster in car 99.

With just 6 stages today, even the most minor slip-up could be costly so competitors had better have brought their A Game.


The crowds are already building with motorsport fans eager to check out the Shannons Classics on The Park car display along the river! Head on down and admire these beauties for yourself.


And they’re off!!! Stage 32 is underway in Malaga and there’s no time to waste. Every second counts today with mere seconds determining the winner.

19/09/21 – 8:30am

Good morning and thank you for joining us for day 4. It’s the final day of the Make Smoking History Targa West 2021 and wow, what a competition it’s been. With competitors fighting tooth and nail to take out top spot, who will be crowned champion?

As we are about to start the day on stage 32, sadly we won’t be seeing car 85 back on the track, with the father/son team of Shaun and Tyler Tapper retiring their 1985 Holden Commodore VK due to mechanical issues.

Make sure you stay tuned for all of the up to date rally action and we hope to see you down at Langley Park today for The Engine Shop Targa City Sprint. Sprint: https://www.targacitysprint.com.au/spectators/

18/09/21 – 7:00pm

As day 3 of the Make Smoking History Targa West 2021 has drawn to a close, the stakes couldn’t be higher. With just seconds separating the top 3, there’s no room for error as we look to enter the final day of competition on Sunday.

At the end of Day 3 the current standings are as follows:

Competition Modern:
1st – RULLO/MARQUET (car 62) – 1:48:20 +
2nd –JONES/ASH (car 23) – 1:49:21 +01:01
3rd – HEATON/GLENNEY (car 36) – 1:50:36 +02:16
Competition Classic:
1st – GUNSON/JONES (car 16) – 1:55:54 +
2nd – WOLFE/BECKWITH (car 37) – 1:58:55 +03:01
3rd – ELLEMENT/ELLEMENT (car 41) – 1:59:27 +03:33
165 Modern:
1st –ST GUILLAUME/BRITTAIN (car 98) – 2:04:34 +
2nd – OXLEY/MULLIGAN (car 75) – 2:14:10 +09:36
3rd – BURNEY/BURNEY (car 86) – 2:15:39 +11:05
165 Classic:
1st – BARTLETT/KING (car 54) – 2:20:23 +
2nd – RAHIMTULLA/WHITE (car 33)- 2:22:04 +01:41
3rd – TIPPETT/GIUFFRE (car 76) – 2:23:54 +03:31
130 Modern:
1st –BEERENS/BUTLER (car 48) 2:12:41 +
2nd –WILLIAMS/FERRANTE (car 44) – 7 2:12:51 +00:10
3rd –HOOPER/TEO (car 45) – 2:13:59 +01:18
130 Classic:
1st – LLOYD/MARENGO (car 20) – 2:33:08 +

We’ll be back with all of the updates at 8:30am tomorrow, so make sure you don’t miss a second of the action as we watch the competitors race their way to the finish line. Don’t forget to follow the Targa West Events Facebook page for all of the action and excitement of the day!




The final stage for the day has been run with Steve Jones and Caleb Ash winning stage 31 in car 23, the 2008 Nissan R35 GTR. Car 36, David Heaton and Steve Glenney, took out 2nd in the 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS with Peter Rullo and James Marquet in car 62 taking 3rd for the stage in their 2020 SSC Lotus Exige Targa GT.


With just one stage to go at the end of stage 30, Heaton (car 36) is hoping to hold his current 1st position over Rullo (car 62) and Jones (car 63), with Rullo currently holding a comfortable lead overall, Jones in 2nd and Heaton 3rd.

Car 58 out for the day with mechanical issues but rookie driver Billy Wrenne & co-driver Shaun McMacken will be making every effort to be back in time for kick-off tomorrow.


As we finish out stage 29, Jones has muscled his way back into 1st in car 23, followed by 36 with Heaton and Rullo in 62.


Mark Cates and Anthony Carr have snuck car 69 into 3rd with the 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS making it’s way up the board. Car 62, Peter Rullo, is holding 1st over car 36 David Heaton who is currently nipping at his heels in 2nd.


Stage 27 completed with no change to the leader board and with the distance starting to lengthen between the top 3 front runners, competitors are keeping their head in the game. Impressive times all around on this stage.


Dennis Heller and Richard Harris currently off the road for a minor vehicle repair but hoping to make a hasty return to the tarmac in car 25. The 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 has been making great time so far, let’s hope they can make it up!


The terrific trio is back in the top 3 with Jones/Ash headlining in car 23, Rullo/Marquet hot on their heels in car 62 and Steve Heaton not giving up easily, following closely in 3rd in car 36 at the end of stage 26 in Maryville Downs.

Cates/Carr are following close behind in car 69 with the formidable Stagoll duo giving them a run for their money, just 24 seconds behind the lead in car 42.


In news just in, car 47 won’t be back on the tarmac in 2021 despite a valiant effort by their service team. Cindy Gielingh-Jones and Ewan Jones bidding a farewell to the Make Smoking History Targa West for 2021 with the 1967 Morris Cooper withdrawn from the competition.


Brett Morse has worked his way back in 3rd place with car 87, while Peter Rullo (car 62) sits back in 1st place just 1 second ahead of Steve Jones in car 23 at the completion of stage 25.


With 14 competition stages being run today, it’s the biggest and most important day of the 4 day rally event. The sheer length of the tarmac being driven today can make, or break, the competition for some drivers.


What a thrilling end to stage 24 with Peter Rullo in car 62 and Steve Jones in car 23 siting on equal 1st for the stage, just 1 second ahead of David Heaton in car 36.


With Rullo 1st (car 62), Jones 2nd (car 23) and Heaton (car 36) leading the pack after stage 23, can the trio hold their positions for the rest of the day or will the Chittering stages turn the tables? Stay tuned!


Just 3 seconds separating the currently unchanged top 3 at the end of stage 22 with cars 85 (Shaun and Tyler Tapper) and car 38  (Ben Pang and Brandon Chin) out for the moment with suspected mechanical issues. Hopefully we’ll see them back on the track bright and early tomorrow for the final day of the rally.


The dream teams behind the scenes. Organisers, competitors, officials, media and spectators making The Make Smoking History Targa West Rally the success it is today!


Heading into stage 21, with Rullo & Marquet refusing to relinquish 1st place in car 62, Jones & Ash holding 2nd with car 23, and Cates & Carr moving up into 3rd with car 69. An exciting stage with competitors taking advantage of the shorter track.


After a rocky start to the day, car 8 is heading off track with mechanical issues. Hopefully the 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX is back on the road this afternoon to finish the day, with rookie driver Paul Mc Crory and co-driver David Humphries working hard to get back out.


Stage 19 was a thriller with no change to the top 3 leader board so far. Brett Morse and Rodney Ng are just seconds behind in car 87 with self proclaimed ‘King of the Zig Zag’ Mark Cates and co-driver Anthony Carr sneaking up fast in car 69.


The cars are already starting to head through to the Toodyay service park. It’s a perfect morning for a rally.


Make sure you’re following our Targa West Events Facebook page for all of the live videos and interviews!

Targa West Events


The first stage of the day is now complete with stage 19 getting underway shortly. The top 3 at the competition start are Peter Rullo (car 62) in 1st, Steve Jones holding 2nd (car 23) & David Heaton (car 36) staying close in 3rd.


Fan favourite car 47 currently out but hoping to make a swift comeback. The ever popular 1967 Morris Cooper, driven by Cindy Gielingh-Jones and co-driver Ewan Jones, is always a crowd pleaser.


With the day already underway, car 30 has withdrawn from the competition due to mechanical issues, with driver David & co-driver Anna Hodges giving us a great show yesterday in their 2013 Holden VF SSV. Let’s hope 2022 is a better year for them!

Wayne Turner and & Brett Hale hoping to make a comeback tomorrow in car 32 after having to retire their 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint for today.


18/09/21 – 9:00am

Good morning and welcome to day 3 of the Make Smoking History Targa West 2021.

Today is looking to be a mammoth event. The teams will be taking to Toodyay, Chittering and Bullsbrook, with the drivers travelling a whopping distance of over 475km’s over the course of the day. Today can make or break the competitors chances for a top 3 finish and competition will be down to the wire before tomorrows final leg.

Sad news for car 57, with the Father and son team of Errol and Ben Goodall withdrawing from the remainder of the rally with their 1999 BMW 323i struggling with mechanical issues. Despite working around the clock to resolve the issue, there simply isn’t time to get it back on the road. A great effort from the team and we can’t wait to see them back next year.


17/09/21 – 4:45pm

Well what a finish to day 2 of the Make Smoking History Targa West 2021!

The final stage of the day, stage 17 sees Steve Jones (car 23) in 1st ,  Peter Rullo (car 62) 2nd & David Heaton (car 36) finishing 3rd.

Peter Rullo has finished the day in 1st overall with co-driver James Marquet, followed by Steve Jones & Caleb Ash in 2nd and David Heaton & Steve Glenney in 3rd. There are just seconds between the leaders and with 2 days still to go, we can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.

Don’t forget the rally show & shine at Northbridge tonight on James Street. Starting at 6pm until 9pm, it’s going to be a car lovers dream!

Make sure you head back here at 9am tomorrow to follow all the action, as we get ready to head in to day 3. It’s going to be a ripper!


At the end of a nail biting stage 16, cars 62 (Peter Rullo), 42 (Bill Stagoll) & 69 (Mark Cates) are all tied in 1st position for the stage.


The trio is back in the top 3 at the completion of stage 15 with Peter Rullo (car 62), Steve Jones (car 23) & David Heaton (car 36) back on top in that order.


Stage 14 has been a nail biter with the first of two Zig Zag stages completed. Peter Rullo is still holding strong in 1st with car 62, but 2nd place was taken by car 69 with driver Mark Cates and co-driver Anthony Carr pushing through the pack.  Bill & Glenys Stagoll followed close behind in car 42, coming in 3rd place.


Car 57 has been withdrawn for day 2 with mechanical issues bringing the day to a halt. Driver Errol & co-driver Benjamin Goodall’s team will be working around the clock, hoping to make a return to the stage tomorrow.


Last year’s Competition Classic winners, Simon Gunson and Nigel Jones, are back and ready to dominate in 2021. Taking to the stage in car 16, a 1971 Ford Capri Perana, this duo knows how to put on a show.



A fantastic turnout for the Kalamunda service park on Haynes Street. Spectators lined the street eager to meet and greet the welcoming drivers and admire the impressive machines.


No change in leadership after stage 13 as competitors prepare for the Zig Zag stage, getting underway very soon.


As stage 12 finishes up, David Heaton has managed to push his way back up to 2nd place in car 36, with Peter Rullo holding tight to 1st in car 62. Car 23 is hot on his heels in 3rd place with driver Steve Jones still managing 2nd place overall.


The crowds are building in Kalamunda as the spectators eagerly await the arrival of the rally cars in the service park on Haynes St.


All eyes are on up-and-comer 17yr old Max Mcrae. The P-plater rookie is making waves in car 18, a 2019 Ford Fiesta ST. The son of Alistair Mcrae and nephew of rally legend Colin Mcrae, Max is definitely one to watch!



The adrenaline is pumping after the completion of stage 11.  Peter Rullo and James Marquet holding 1st in car 62, while Steve Jones and Caleb Ash have pushed back up to 2nd in car 23, and David Heaton and Steve Glenney have taken 3rd place for the stage in car 36.


Some more of the day 1 action from photographers Graeme Howey & CMR Photographic





An exciting start to day with with stage 11 complete. Coming in 1st is Peter Rullo and James Marquet in car 62, David Heaton and Steve Glenney taking 2nd in car 36 and Steve Jones and Caleb Ash holding on to 3rd for the stage in car 23.


The only electric car in this years Targa West Rally, the powerful 2019 Tesla 3 Performance+, driven by Jurgen & Helen Lunsmann in car 24. Image thanks again to CMR Photographic.



As the competitors head off on their first stage of the day, check out this great action shot!

Taken on day 1, this great image of current frontrunner Peter Rullo (car 62) is thanks to CMR Photographic.


17/09/21 – 9:30am

Welcome to day 2 of the Make Smoking History Targa West Rally 2021! The skies are clear and the competitors are gearing up for stage 10 which is due to start just after 10am in Parkerville.

Car 31 is looking ready to re-join the action this morning, with driver Kevin Bailey and co-driver Eric Purvis pulling out all the stops to get back in the competition.

16/09/2021 – 8:30pm

And that’s a wrap! What an exciting finish to day 1 with Peter Rullo in car 62 holding the lead in overall 1st, car 23 Steve Jones a very close 2nd and Brett Morse bringing in 3rd place in car 87, as day 1 draws to a close.

Day 2 is looking to be a much clearer day with competitors heading to the hills for leg 2 of the Make Smoking History Targa West Rally 2021. You’ll find all the latest updates right here so make sure you tune in from 10am to catch all the action.



The final stage of leg 1 is underway and every second counts. It’s going to be a close race to the finish.



With the top 3 leader positions unchanged at the end of stage 8, the final stage of day 1 is about to begin. Who will come out on top? It’s going to be a close finish with just seconds between our leading competitors.


Getting ready for the final stage of day 1 in  Ellenbrook.






Car 85 is back in the race with the father/son duo of Shaun & Tyler Tapper making a comeback in their 1985 Holden Commodore VK.


We’re halfway through stage 8, and with just one stage to go after this, the competition is getting fierce. Can Peter Rullo hold on to the lead in car 62, or will car 23  manage to sneak back into 1st with Steve Jones rounding out day 1 with a win?


No change to the first 2 headliners on the leader board at the end of stage 6, with Peter Rullo in car 62 still leading and Steve Jones with car 23 hot on his tail in 2nd. Brett Morse and co-driver Rodney Ng pushing through to 3rd with car 87, taking 3rd overall so far.


The crowds are starting to build in Ellenbrook for the final stages of day 1 which are due to kick off shortly. Head down and grab a spot but be sure to observe traffic closures and allocated spectator vantage points.


Peter Rullo in car 62 is back in the lead at the end of stage 5 but Steve Jones is hot on his heels in car 23! David Heaton and Steve Glenney in car 36 have taken 3rd for the stage, but husband and wife duo Bill & Glenys Stagoll in car 42 are currently still holding 3rd overall.


Car 85 off in the sand but hoping to be back on track in time for stage 8 in Ellenbrook!


A special mention to Nigel Jones in car 16, who is competing in his 17th Make Smoking History Targa West Rally! Co-driving in a 1971 Ford Capri Perana, Nigel is the only competitor to race in every event since the beginning in 2005.


At the end of stage 4, Steve Jones, car 23, wins the stage with a 2 second lead over birthday boy Peter Rullo. Steve is currently in the overall lead with a 3 second advantage over Rullo in car 62. Husband and wife team Bill & Glenys Stagoll are currently holding 3rd in car 42 with just 7 seconds between 1st & 3rd position!



Car 31  (Kevin Bailey & Eric Purvis) out on stage 4, all crew ok and working hard to get back on the road for leg 2 tomorrow.


Four time Targa West winner, Steve Jones, has taken the lead at the end of stage 3!  Winning in 2008, 2009, 2011 & 2014, could this be the 5th big win for car 23?


Happy birthday to Peter Rullo of car 62.  Competing this year in the 2020 SSC Lotus Exige Targa GT, this is Peter’s 13th Make Smoking History Targa West Rally!


With stage 2 complete, the competition is heating up as the cars enter Whiteman Park East for stage 3.


Make sure you tune in to Channel 9 tonight as they cross to Scherri Lee Biggs for the weather update, live from Ellenbrook at 5:40pm


It’s a tight race with cars 42 (Bill & Glenys Stagoll) and 62 (Peter Rullo & James Marquet) currently tied with the fastest time with car 23 (Steve Jones & Caleb Ash) hot on their heels!


The stage 1 shakedown was a thriller with a surprising result from car 24, the only electric car in the rally, finishing a strong 4th fastest. Jurgen & Helen Lunsmann making waves in the 2019 Tesla Performance+.


Last years winners, Mark Greenham & Steph Esterbauer of car 1 also out due to a mechanical issue.


An unfortunate early finish on day 1 for crowd favourites driver Paul Pernechele and co-driver Ben Trager of car 60, due to mechanical issues. Hopefully the impressive 1971 Ford Falcon XY will make it back on stage for day 2.


Despite the wet weather, it’s another great spectator turnout! The crowds are braving the rain to cheer on our competitors.


Leg 1 is well underway and the adrenaline is pumping.  The usually quiet roads of Whiteman Park have been transformed into the ultimate racetrack.



The final cars have now left the Hyatt and are on their way to the first leg at Whiteman Park West. Good luck to all of this years competitors.

09/16/2021 – 12:00pm

The starting point for the Make Smoking History Targa West 2021 will now be kicking off from the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Perth City!

This year we will have over 20 competitors racing for the very first time. The weather may look a little wet but that won’t dampen the competition!

Welcome to the Targa West Live Blog for 2021!

This Live Blog will kick off from the Ceremonial Start in Perth City at lunchtime tomorrow and will automatically update over the next four days.

Before then, why not download the Spectator Guide or bookmark the Live Results page on this website.

See you back here at noon!

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